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25 November 2011

NEXT (UK) in Paris with Emanuela de Paula

Yesterday I spent Thanksgiving day with my immediate family plus a few friends of the family and had such a wonderful time playing with my parent's new cocker spaniel. The puppy is only about 6 months old and is already spoiled rotten! The most interesting conversation stemmed around the question, "If you could travel to any country in the world, which city would be your first choice?" Surprisingly, my father quickly answered, "Paris!" and my mom soon chimed in in agreement. Both love the city because of the city's association to romance and fashion. The exact same reasons why I love the city! And my mom, being an addict of America's Next Top Model, mentioned how Paris is often the setting for the show's photoshoots. My mom is in love with the model Eva Pigford and often talks about this show but I never knew that she and my father love the city of Paris.

Well, we all definitely have different tastes while sharing some similar tastes. My mom and I both would LOVE to travel to Paris one day, yet we differ when it comes to who our favorite model is. She is in love with Eva Pigford and ANTM and I am in love with Emanuela de Paula and VS! (And I won't mention who my dad is in love with!)

All of this holiday talk about Paris brings me to admiring the work of Emanuela de Paula in Paris for NEXT (UK) and her last campaign for them which was the Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign and sits high on my list of favorite advertising campaigns. She was the face of NEXT (UK) for the last 3 years (from 2008 to 2011) and oh, how I love the photographs taken of her especially for the Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign. Next (UK) is using another model for their 2011/2012 Winter season ... [sigh] ... but a 3 year modeling contract that includes both print and television advertising is quite an accomplishment for any model to achieve.

~Fashion set designed by Diva Shyne~

12 November 2011

Naomi Campbell for Dennis Basso

Naomi Campbell was chosen twice by American designer Dennis Basso for both the 2009/2010 and the 2010/2011 winter ad campaigns showcasing his fabulous line of fur coats. I thought that she particularly shined in the 2009/2010 campaign in which she was honored by Dennis Basso naming a gorgeous fur coat in this collection after her. Huge American love for this gorgeous British supermodel. Her Chinese-Jamaican ancestry shines so beautifully in her features and the ebony complexion of her skin just looks so alluring against Basso's beautiful fur creations. Great look for a fur ad campaign! Dennis Basso believed in her so much and the campaign was such a success that he hired her again for the next season.

Naomi Campbell ... hmmmm .... just so fierce in the industry and landing some lucrative deals after 40 and during a recession! Now that's making it happen! She is such an inspiration and her portfolio of modeling work is simply amazing and quite extensive.

Behind the Seams: Dennis Basso

"There is no profiling today. Everybody is the customer." -- Dennis Basso

Official Website: dennisbasso.com

QVC Faux Fur Collection: qvc.com/dennisbasso

05 November 2011

Halle Berry Recreates Bill Clinton's Controversial Esquire Cover

Bill Clinton's December 2000 Esquire magazine cover stirred up a little bit of controversy because of the sexual scandal that lingered over him at the time of his shoot. A special front zoom angle camera lens was used causing his hands to look enlarged. Combining that with his legs spread open with a blue tie hanging down to his groins caused many people to react to this in a way not truly intended by the photographer, Platon Antonio.

With the expertise of photographer Cliff Watts, Halle Berry recreates this look beautifully with a similar smug expression, open legs and open blazer revealing nothing but a bra underneath and ... of course, wearing a blue tie hanging low. Comparing the two photos side by side, I definitely see the brilliance of this recreated cover.

This cover is especially an honorable one because Halle Berry was named the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in this November 2008 issue of Esquire, a title that was held previously by Megan Fox. Photographed by Cliff Watts (without using the trickery of a zoom lense) Halle Berry recreates the Bill Clinton Esquire cover in celebration of the magazine’s 75th anniversary.

Halle Berry Recreates Bill Clinton's Controversial Esquire Cover