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19 February 2013

V Magazine #76, Sports Issue: Naomi Campbell

Issue: V Magazine #76
Stylist: Joanne Blades
Photographers: Daniele Duella and Iango Henz
Editorial: "Private Dancer"
Model Featured: Naomi Campbell

When V Magazine released issue #76 in the Summer of 2012, the editors dedicated the magazine to the world of sports. It seemed a bit odd to me that the fierce diva Naomi Campbell was chosen to be in the mix. The cover of this issue showcases the masculine side of music sensation Jennifer Lopez wearing boxing gear and looking like she is just ready to do some serious damage just like she did in the movie "Enough." A sports issue with boxing as it's cover sport of choice using a popular pop star perhaps is a clever concept. Great timing since the 2012 Olympics included women boxing as a competitive sport for the first time bringing popularity and recognition to the sport for female athletes.

However, inside of the magazine you see an editorial featuring Naomi Campbell wearing a sexy fringed dress by Blumarine accessorized by Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. She also rocks a black fringe skirt by Marc Jacobs and wears it as a one piece dress and an adorable white feather skirted mini dress by Ralph Lauren looking a bit like a ballerina. In another photo you see her styled in a black leather vintage Versace corset-inspired top with a super cool black vintage belt by Christian Lacroix with fringes so long that it appears to complete the outfit as a skirt. Is this a "Sports Issue" or are these pictorials just a fashion editorial feature? Thank goodness they named the editorial "Private Dancer" so that I can understand that Naomi Campbell is supposed to be a sexy dancer, but is private dancing really a sport? Ok ... not quite an Olympic sport but a sport nonetheless. Giving ode to Tina Turner is a stretch for this editorial but Naomi rocked out the designer gear with sex appeal and fierceness. That's why she is considered one of the best supermodels in the industry.