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30 March 2013

V Magazine #82: Rihanna & Kate Moss!

Rihanna modeling with supermodel Kate Moss in a naughty bi-sexual S&M bondage themed photospread shot by Mario Testino is truly a sight to behold. Rihanna being only 25 years old is dripping in lesbian sex appeal as she cuddles up with 39 year old Kate Moss. We all know that both of these women are attracted to men; Rihanna's steamy romance with R & B singer Chris Brown and Kate Moss with her being newly married to Jamie Hince, guitarist for The Kills. But what also holds true for both of these women is that they are not ashamed to show that they also have an attraction for women. Bi-sexual women are the hottest in my opinion and I always get a thrill when I see feminine straight women showing their desires, attraction and admiration for other feminine straight women. It doesn't make them lesbian, but it sure as heck makes them bi-sexual. And I say, "Bravo!" Kiss, kiss and carry on!