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27 June 2013

Fendi FW 2012/2013: Joan Smalls (Hybrids & 2Jours Elite Tote)

Fendi FW 2012/2013: Joan Smalls


In the fashion world, a hybrid fashion design is comprised of two or more elements with extreme differences combined together in one piece. Fendi habitually uses the concept of hybrid fashion and for the 2012 Fall/Winter season continued to push the envelope of hybrid fashion.

One look in particular worn by Joan Smalls on the runway in Milan is a beautiful take of hybrid fashion presented in a much more subtle way compared to some of the other hybrid looks also featured in the show. The top that she wore was fitted more like a structured vest made of a beautiful textured short-haired fur with a very modern flair. What makes the look a hybrid are the shiny black sleeves made of an entirely different fabric (black satin-like material) reminiscent of a much older era and an obvious influence from a different century.

I love how this look was paired with blue hosiery even though I am not too fond of the choice of adding caramel brown boots with side fur detail. It is quite interesting that black boots were not chosen instead of the brown boots since there is such a play with shiny black and matte black in the outfit. But I suppose I still am not quite used to the trend of "not matching." The handbag matches the outfit beautifully but somehow the caramel brown of the boots with the blue hosiery takes the look into a completely different direction. Interestingly enough, when you look closely at the details of the outfit, there are bits of caramel along the edges of the cape-like top in the back. The color-block boots actually gives the outfit a very trendy spin. So what appears to be an odd fashion choice at first glance is actually a pretty clever delight leaving the admirer of this look in complete awe. Karl Lagerfeld creating fashion magic once again.

Nonetheless, she looks like a beautiful Etruscan warrior princess (if there is such a a thing!)

2Jours Elite Tote

For the 2012 Fall/Winter season, accessory designer Silvia Venturini Fendi has created several new bags which include the classy 2Jours Elite and the fabulous luxury iPad case.

It seems as if Sara Jessica Parker has been singled out once again to help create a madness surrounding the new Fendi 2Jours Elite bag. She has been spotted carrying a large navy 2Jours Elite tote and a large black one both with her "SJP" initials engraved onto the handle tag. Even though the HBO series "Sex and the City" is no longer running and cannot possibly stir up the crazy mass appeal that the Fendi baguette created by simply appearing on Sarah Jessica Parker's shoulder in 2000, her association to the brand is magical enough for her to be the first celebrity to be associated to the new 2012 2Jours Elite bag. This is truly clever marketing by Fendi and it suits Sarah Jessica Parker so well. A classic leather bag for a fabulously chic lady with upper-class appeal.

On the runway and also for the 2012 Fall advertising campaign, Joan Smalls showcases the 2Jours Elite tote in both the medium size as well as the large size. I love the patchwork design in the large size 2Jours Elite. This bag just might be another Fendi must-have luxury bag.