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22 July 2014

2013 British GQ Designer of the Year: Tom Ford

If you don't know who Tom Ford is, then you don't know much about fashion! Nor do you know much about current rap music. Rapper producer Jay Z's song simply titled "Tom Ford" gives a cool "hats off" to him in a very rare gesture. The release of this single in July 2013 to Samsung smartphone users [Source: fashion.telegraph.co.uk] coincided perfectly with Tom Ford receiving the GQ Designer of the Year Award in September 2013 for British GQ.

He had previously won GQ Designer of the Year Award in 2001 for American GQ. He has also won GQ Man of the Year Award in 2009 for German GQ. In addition, in 2000 he received the honor of being granted the award for International Man of the Year by British GQ.

Not only is he a great designer but he is quite attractive with lots of swagger. Yes, he is the epitome of GQ cool. His list of CFDA accolades is even longer than his list of GQ honors. As the ultimate recognition, the 2014 CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award was granted to Tom Ford just last month in New York City. Not sure if any honor as an American fashion designer is greater than this!

Winning the 2013 British GQ Designer of the Year Award may not be his greatest achievement to date, but it sure is the award that landed him on the cover of British GQ's OCT 2013 issue. Clearly this is his best magazine cover! I am not sure which he celebrated the most ... winning the award or landing the cover. Just fabulous! Hats of to him indeed.

Joan Smalls :: MET Gala
by divashyne featuring TOM FORD

Tom Ford with his newly married husband Richard Buckley, magazine editor
(pictured above)

Chanel Iman :: MET Gala
by divashyne featuring TOM FORD

05 July 2014

Rihanna's 6 Vogue Covers

Noone is more sizzling hot right now in the world of entertainment than Rihanna. After receiving the first ever Icon Award at the American Music Awards on November 24, 2013 in Los Angeles at the Staple Center, she also received a Fashion Icon Award by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) on June 2, 2014 in New York City. This prestigious award was presented to her by the well-respected Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour. Rihanna has influenced not only the world of music with her unique sound which is heavily influenced by reggae and R&B but she has also become the hottest trendsetter in the world of fashion. She has a style that uniquely displays her personality and many admire her for truly displaying the freedom of being a real independent woman ... one who is not afraid to step outside of the box to be daring, sexy, feminine and still embrace her tomboyishness.

She is a music international success. She has a long list of accolades that keeps growing and growing. Thus far, she has received 7 grammy awards with her most recent grammy being awarded to her in the category "Best Urban Contemporary Album" for her latest album Unapologetic. This album I own and I must say that it truly ROCKS! To date, she has sold more than 50 million albums and 180 million singles. She also has had 13 #1 singles within the last 7 years already matching Michael Jackson's record. ♪ "Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa!" ♪

Pushing this music diva further into the limelight and nestling her in the elite world of high-end fashion, she has landed 6 Vogue covers with her most recent 3 being in 2014. At this pace, I am anxious to see the additional Vogue covers she will land before the end of this year! We are only at the half-way mark but I can confidently state that the year 2014 has truly been a year of distinction for this young, uber-sexy and naturally talented artist. She leaves me in awe of her voice, her music, her videos, her editorials ... and of course her fashion. From her sexy tattoos and her cute Barbados accent to her ever-changing hairstyles and trendy faux jewelry she is appealing in every sense of the word and I just can't get enough of her. And neither can Anna Wintour!

Rihanna's 6 Vogue Covers:

1. (US) April 2011

2. (UK) November 2011

3. (US) November 2012

4. (US) March 2014

5. (BR) May 2014 (Cover #1)

6. (BR) May 2014 (Cover #2)