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08 August 2016

"Fresh Off the Runway" Look #1 ~ GUCCI Spring/Summer 2016

The Gucci Spring/Summer 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection is one to definitely stop and admire for its geek chic charisma. In particular, the first look out on the runway (as modeled by Viola) is a fabulous green lace dress with a red and navy striped fitted knit waist. This look opens the show even though it seems to be the tamer of the other looks and doesn't quite fit the true geek chic concept that the designer has been intent on showcasing for yet another season. This simple look can be worn in a casual, trendy way or really any way that you want. It seems as if that is the true magic of this dress: versatility and adaptablity.

Every designer knows that a particular look fresh off the runway that appears on the cover of a fashion magazine or even as part of a fashion magazine editorial is an automatic industry nod of respect. Having your style showcased on multiple international covers of Elle Magazine is surely something to be proud of. Look #1 modeled by Viola appears fresh off the runway on both the covers of Elle Malaysia (as modeled by former Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss) and Elle China (as modeled by current Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel). Seems as if geek chic is somehow now sexy cool!

Interestingly enough, Karlie Kloss actually modeled for a fashion editorial for the February 2016 issue of Elle UK wearing fashion from various designers. This same editorial was reprinted for the March 2016 issue of Elle Malaysia ... but with a cover twist! The print featuring her in Gucci Look #1 from the Spring/Summer 2016 season was released to be re-printed for the March 2016 Elle Malaysia cover. The editor of Elle Malaysia surely does have a good eye and lifted up a true gem of a photo.

Look #1 ~ GUCCI Spring/Summer 2016

~Fashion set designed by Diva Shyne~

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~Fashion set designed by Diva Shyne~

~Fashion set designed by Diva Shyne~