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07 May 2017

Joan Smalls :: Smart & Sexy Swimwear

Collectively as women, we find it difficult to agree with what exactly exemplifies feminism. Some people actually shy away from using the term 'feminist' or 'feminism' because it personally means different things to different women.

The current Swim Secret 2017 summer campaign by lingerie retailer Smart and Sexy features mega-model Joan Smalls. I can't help but to associate this campaign with modern-day feminism. First of all, the owner of Smart and Sexy, Ariela Banks (CEO and President of Ariela and Associates), is a woman which is a rarity in itself. Second of all, the summer campaign was launched on March 13, 2017, in collaboration with ACDN (Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits) sharing in a social commitment to educate and celebrate working women. Thirdly, selecting a black female to front the swimwear campaign promoting beauty diversity is even more of a rarity.

Yes, black models have truly made strides in the fashion industry. However, there is still some additional room for more equal exposure and representation. [sigh] We can never seem to get the racial and cultural balance in the world of fashion right which is also exemplary of other industries. In today's modern world, I just can't think of any swimwear line that is currently highlighting a black model as the sole face of the campaign. History is being made here and for more than one reason!

Not only is the spirit and motivation just perfect for elevating the fashion industry to knew heights, but it also emboldens women entrepreneurs and uplifts black female models by breaking down barriers specifically in the swimwear sector of fashion. Just looking at the success of Black females who participated in this past Olympics in Rio in the swimming and diving competitions, we clearly see a current frenzy around the topic of Black women and water sports as well as an increase in participation as well as representation.

Joan Smalls, once again ... landing an advertising campaign that sizzles!

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Joan Smalls :: Smart & Sexy Swimwear
by divashyne featuring VALENTINO

Behind the scenes:

On another note, it does seem a little bit like Smart & Sexy is competing with the brand Victoria's Secret (yes, the Swim Secret line in particular just by the mere name of it). Recently and rather abruptly, Victoria's Secret has taken a step back from swimwear this season. Rumors that originally circulated online about Victoria's Secret's plan to get rid of the swimwear collection altogether in 2017 have come true. This opens up the marketplace for other swimwear retailers to grab some additional customers.

Reportedly, the decline in swimwear sales for this lingerie brand combined with a strong increase in interest in activewear lead to Victoria's Secret's decision. You can still currently buy some swimwear from Victoria's Secret but there will no longer be a push for a televised swim special or additional products added to the line. The navigation bar on the Victoria's Secret website even has removed the "VS Swim" category forcing you to do a search on the keyword "swim" just to see what is in stock. Interestingly enough, my "swim" searches on their site either lead me to VS Pink Swim or VSX Activewear. Does that mean the regular VS Swim is actually GONE?

Personally, I do not buy many swimwear items, but I buy tons and tons of activewear for working out and leisure wear. The sturdiness of the Victoria's Secret sports bra is superb and has proven to be multi-functional. I don't swim much but for those swimmers out there who have special aquatic needs you might just want to take a look at the Smart and Sexy brand. Seems as if this New York based retailer is picking up where VS Swim has left off!! There are many women who wear swimwear to the beach, in the jacuzzi, for aquatic sport and some for the exotic appeal of these pieces. There is money to be made in swimwear and now is a fabulous time to get a slice of the pie.

Smart and Sexy has stepped up there game at a fabulous moment in the industry ... a smart business strategy for sure! And to land Joan Smalls, the Puerto Rican Victoria's Secret goddess. Yes, a sensastional victory indeed. Clever catch for Smart & Sexy!

Someone please tell me "why is she not a VS angel yet?"

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Joan Smalls :: Smart & Sexy Swimwear
by divashyne featuring FENDI