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05 December 2012

Emanuela de Paula: Wish Report Brazil, "Dark Angel"

"Dark Angel" Editorial

Model: Emanuela de Paula

Photographer: Jacques Dequeker

Wish Report Brazil MAY 2011

Emanuela de Paula looks like an urban heroine standing between concrete columns and stainless steel cables. She looks strong and powerful like someone with supernatural powers. I see pain, anger, intensity and purpose in these photos. This type of editorial makes your mind wander to a distant place while opening up your heart and mind to reach beyond the controversial social concept of "black power" into the mystical realm of the term in association to a fallen angel from the heavens up above.

... abracadabra ... !

.: all this pain ... all this hatred :.

Photographer Jacques Dequeker captures the beauty of Emanuela de Paula from a different perspective for Wish Report Magazine. In this editorial entitled "Dark Angel" he captures the edgier, gothic and mystic diva side of this Brazilian beauty. Her intense facial expressions, fierce poses, exceptional styling and cleverly applied eye makeup all add up to create a knock-out editorial that leaves the readers in awe of the final result.

.: wake me up inside :.