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21 December 2015

Dior Secret Garden IV – Versailles (Featuring Rihanna)

Dior Secret Garden IV – Versailles
(Featuring Rihanna)

Interesting Facts:

  •  1.   A full-length campaign film released as the fourth chapter in the Secret Garden saga.
  •  2.   Filmed by Steven Klein in the château and gardens of Versailles.
  •  3.   Showcases the soundtrack ("Only if for a Night") of the singer's intro to her eighth studio album, ANTIdiaRY.
  •  4.   The style of the Dior bag that Rihanna is carrying is the "Diorama" bag.
  •  5.   She is captured running through the Salons of the Gods.
  •  6.   She dances in the Hall of Mirrors in the Château de Versailles (also the setting for the house's J'Adore perfume advertising starring Charlize Theron).
  •  7.   Rihanna is the first black woman to become the official face for this Parisian fashion house.
  •  8.   Dior design house historically is associated with being the epitome of femininity, glamour and sophistication.
  •  9.   Currently Dior is obviously "changing lanes" by moving away from their signature style in order to appeal to a younger, more diverse market.
  •  10.  By employing a character with a publicized rebellious streak proves that Dior is not stuck in a time warp and is making a conscious decision to appeal to a modern world.

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