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13 September 2019

GQ (Portugal) NOV 2015: Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow has been hot on the scene ever since she got discovered from actively posting her pictures on Instagram. In 2015, she was honored with not just being featured in the GQ Portugal magazine in a beautiful photo spread, but she was designated as the "Role Model of the Year." Overcoming her skin condition and believing in her unique beauty has propelled her into a level of stardom that for many aspiring models is so very hard to achieve. The Canadian beauty with Jamaican ancestry poses elegantly and exudes such an inner confidence that translates so well in photos.

Becoming a successful model is not easy, so we all commend the great success that Winnie Harlow achieved then, now and for a long time into the future. The fashion industry's embrace of such beauty diversity speaks volumes about hope and promise. And, yes ... for you fashion enthusiasts, she is decked down in Christian Dior from the 2015 Fall Collection. Beautifully photographed by Branislav Šimončík and cleverly styled by Jan Králíček.

Winnie Harlow wears Christian Dior for GQ Portugal.

Winnie Harlow wears Christian Dior for GQ Portugal.


Magazine Article :: GQ Portugal
NOV 2015 | Winnie Harlow: Role Model

~ by Filie Santa-Bárbara [GQMotY2015]

Image Source :: Instagram

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29 August 2019

2019 MET Gala: Winnie Harlow

Victoria's Secret runway model (2018) and America’s Next Top Model finalist (2014), Winnie Harlow, represents the widening of acceptance of non-standard beauty in the fashion world of modeling. Never before has a model with vitiligo, a rare skin disorder, been accepted and catapulted to such high levels of modeling success. She truly represents a shift in the fashion industry; a shift that is beginning to boldly embrace difference as uniqueness of beauty.

I do not normally blog about gossip ... but in this case, since it is dealing with the fashion industry and Victoria's Secret mega-model Tyra Banks, I have got to include video clips from "The Real" who covers the scoop thoroughly.

Winnie Harlow has quite an extensive modeling portfolio after becoming a finalist on Tyra Banks' reality show although she has stated otherwise. Nonethless, she now has celebrity status and recognition in the most elite circles of the fashion world. Her multitude of fans and eager fashion reporters await her to walk down the red carpet at many celebrity events. She has walked down the red carpet at the MET Gala before in 2018 but never in the way that she did for the 2019 event held earlier this year. She was truly a show stopper!

When she stepped out at the MET Gala held in New York earlier this year, she exuded the confidence of a goddess as she strutted down the red carpet with a custom-designed Tommy Hilfiger gown perfectly fitted across her lean physique dripping in exquisite Chopard jewelry. She chose to show her interpretation of the gala's "camp" theme by also showing her Jamaican ancestry with a carnival queen look. Yes, darling, gemstone-clad headpiece and all!

She cleverly wore an outfit to the after-party comprised of a seemingly lingerie-inspired sheer, leopard-print bodysuit with matching corset and sexy thigh-high boots. This look proved to be a very harmonious transition look from gala to after-party. I love the fact that the two outfits seemed to have been considered as offsets of one another. Her stylist, Anna Trevelyan (Instagram :: annatrevelyan), surely deserves a mentioning here because Winnie Harlow stepped out looking top notch and oh, so stylish!

~Winnie Harlow, model (Refinery 29)

2019 MET Gala: Winnie Harlow

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STYLE Watch | Anna Trevelyan, Stylist

28 February 2019

Chanel FW 2018/2019 Haute Couture (He Cong & Adut Akech)

I immediately fell in love with this season's Chanel Haute Couture Collection when I saw the thigh and seemingly waist-high split as a re-occurring feature of many of the outfits with matching mini-skirts visible underneath. Upon further inspection, this actually converts the outfit into a multi-functional piece transitioned into with the help of a fashionable zipper. It is rare for me to adore every single look featured in a runway presentation. However, absolutely every look of this show is top-notch!

The first model that stands out as having just an overall complete and balanced look is the Chinese model He Cong. Normally I am scanning the runway to see if I can spot the Victoria Secret models that are frequently used in the high-end designer world. But this time, Chanel did not need to use this strategy to bring dazzle to the show. The clothing for this collection is brilliantly designed and stands on its own merit as exceptional fashion of the moment. He Cong is not Liu Wen, Sui He or Ming Xi (popular Victoria's Secret Chinese models) ... but she is just as beautiful and looks great adorned in the grey Chanel suit with the sequined embellished high neck inset with matching mini-skirt seen through the side split. The grey ankle boots completes this look and the David Bowie inspired hair style gives the look that extra pizzazz helping to bring a subtle rocker-edge to the fashion to help appeal to a wider more modern audience while still staying true to the conservatism that will always be Chanel's signature fashion concept.

Another model who stood out in this season's fashion runway show was Australian model Adut Akech of African ancestry born in South Sudan and raised in Kenya. She has a very ebony skin complexion that beautifully showcases the soft, pastel celadon (or pale verdigris) color of the tweed. This Chanel Haute Couture bridal gown includes a matching feather headpiece and veil. The sequin detailing is simply breathtaking in the front of the jacket with further detailing along the hem, collar and down the entire length of the shoulders extending down to the arms and wrists. Being able to see the luxurious satin material of the skirt lining through the opening of the thigh-high side split adds a definite sexy flair designed with the ultimate level of sophistication. The color chosen for this bridal attire closely resembles the beautiful shade of celadon that seems vintage and classic and has been re-introduced in retro furnishings and decor recently. So fresh to have this beautiful color make such a bold, fashion statement on this Chanel Haute Couture runway and in the show's set design as well.

Head fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld along with studio director Virginie Viard presents a beautiful collection for the Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Haute Couture season. With a collection such as this one, it is no wonder that Virginie Viard has succeeded Karl Lagerfeld as the new head designer since his recent death on February 19, 2019. I am anxious to see what the future holds for the design house of Chanel! We will miss you, Karl Lagerfeld ... 36 years as head designer of the Chanel Brand ... what a legacy!

Image Source #1 :: Vogue
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Image Source #3 :: Westmount Fashionista


13 January 2019

2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party: Jasmine Tookes

It seems as if Jasmine Tookes rose to model fame ratherly quickly. After only modeling for Victoria's Secret for a few short years, she gained the title of "Angel." The timing seemed right for an industry thirsty for more ethnic inclusion while still staying faithful to the subtle fantasy of being the most desirable woman in the world. With fame comes exposure and with exposure comes expectations. I have to admit that a novice on the red carpet is highly detectable and it seems that many newly famed celebrities don't master the art of true red carpet elegance until they have at least particpated in a few star-studded galas.

Prior to these photos, I had been a bit disappointed with Jasmine Tookes seen in this light. But here, at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (THE after-party to attend immediately concluding the Oscars), she looks regal, classy and absolutely stunning wearing a one-shoulder gown designed by rising Lebanese couturier Jean-Louis Sabaji who has been hailed already as the "Alexander McQueen of the Middle East." This gown was not made specifically for Jasmine Tookes, however, the way that she looks in it, you would think that it was. Very clever selection for her skin-tone and body shape. The designer describes this dress from his Spring Summer 2018 Couture Collection as "a baroque bronze foiled silk tulle gown with intricate draping adoring [sic] the figure in fluid swirls that flow freely into cascading skirts and a caped sleeve." (Source: Jean-Louis Sabaji on Instagram)

With her hair sleeked back in a natural-looking long, straight ponytail and the skin on her face smooth and flawless, she looks like a perfect 10. Her make-up was done in a very minimal way and her designer jewels by John Hardy were kept also to a minimum. I only wished I could catch a better glimpse of her gold strappy high heels ... hmmm .... I am sure the shoes are worthy of a photograph all on their own I suppose. (If only I knew who designed them! This is a style she repeatedly wears.)

Victoria Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes, at age 28 (she looks much younger in my opinion), gets it right for this red carpet extravaganza! What an American beauty!! I simply adore her!!!

In Photo :: Shanina Shaik, Jasmine Tookes,
Sara Sampaio, Lais Ribeiro, Stella Maxwell

2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party: Jasmine Tookes

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Image Source #4 :: Jean-Louis Sabaji, Fashion Designer

Jean-Louis Sabaji SPRING 2018 Couture

STYLE Watch | Jean-Louis Sabaji, Fashion Designer