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05 July 2018

Rihanna Co-designed Chopard Jewelry Collection

Rihanna Loves Chopard Jewelry Collection

Hello again!

I have been away from my "normal life" trying to re-position myself in a third (hopefully final) career change. I survived Hurricane Harvey by spending a few months in Dallas. Now I am back in Houston … new residence … new laptop … and new hair-do! Yep, I am ready to blog again!!!

Let's kick it off with my last "unfinished blog" from last year. Rihanna teams up with Chopard to offer luxury jewelry with a trendy, modern appeal. Last year you could log on to the Chopard website and view the Rihanna Loves Chopard collection and purchase (if within your budget of course!) However I tried to access that link just now and it is no longer accessible. Ho hum!

Nonetheless, here are some of the photos that I was able to save from last year. Rihanna did not just lend her name to this jewelry collection: she helped co-design the stunning jewelry incorporating her Barbados roots with ethnic flair while also focusing her energy on the stand-out modern pieces that appeal to those with perhaps more modest taste.

Behind the Scenes