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30 December 2020

NUMÉRO RUSSIA #55: Adriana Lima (1)

Adriana Lima has had a long career modeling. In the "Superwoman" editorial for Numero Russia (#55) issued in the fall season of 2019, the Brazilian goddess showcases her mature ability to be lensed tastefully while also relating a message about female empowerment. The world is going through a tremendous social change right now. Gender roles are being re-evaluated and equality is being demanded by women who have been shut out of many opportunities due to the prevailing gender bias that has been seen in every country and in every culture throughout the world. Women are often treated as if they are intellectually inferior and find it difficult to land the more distinctive decision-making roles that they so often seek when qualified. Women have been subjectified and limited to roles that only applaud their beauty instead of roles that commend their intellect.

Having both beauty and intellect can cause much grief for a supermodel wanting to play a role that embraces also her intangible traits. In this strong and sexy feature, Adriana Lima is photographed by George Livieratos while currently being represented by Elite Modeling Agency of Paris. She is draped in designs by Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli and Fendi wearing a nice assortment of bold and upscale statement jewelry pieces.

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