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30 December 2020

NUMÉRO RUSSIA #55: Adriana Lima (2)

Adriana Lima loves the sport of boxing for women and has been featured quite often in various editorials throughout the years as such an athlete. She has advertised with the Victoria's Secret sports line of clothing using the boxing theme. In real life, she trains by incorporating boxing into her workout routine. It seems that to her, the physical strength of a woman if developed can be used forcefully for adequate self-protection. Well, at least that is how this particular editorial with Numero Russia in combination with the accompanying video editorial of the photoshoot comes across to me as a viewer of such admirable female strength. The detailing of the chains symbolizes a new era of women breaking free from male dominance and oppression. The white leather jacket that she wears by Fendi stands out to me as a spectacular wardrobe addition with the lattice cutout detailing.


Adriana Lima's Interview :: Numero Russia
[Featured Guest Editor]


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